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Bumi Langit is a living space where we can witness and learn about the importance of mutual living between man and nature. Man as the khalifah holds responsibility to take care and manage to always maintain the balance.

Bumi Langit is the place where understanding and skills that have been passed down through human ancestry can be learnt and applied in our daily lives slot gacor. A place where solutions are offered to the problems of the modern world. A place where ethical values (adab) becomes a base foundation in the relationship between man and nature, and between man. Bumi Langit strives to be a reflection of life that follows (rahmatan lil ‘alamin).




We strive hard and fully attempt to implement all aspects of Islam in all activities that we do. To maximally contribute the development of just, sustainable, loving, blessed, and usury-free societies through food, energy and financial sovereignty.




We want to become the center of community learning to understand and able to live natural Sunnatullah living through permaculture farming and food slot forest.



• Islamic Tauhid

• Khalifah

• Justice to Nature and the Environment

• Pure, Halal and Thoyyib

• Open and Embrace Diversity

• Asah-Asih-Asuh

• Teamwork to realize independence



Adab is an ethical framework derived from Bumi Langit's principles implemented in our commune bioregion. Adab is both prayer and exercise (tirakat/riyadhoh) through daily activities and behaviour. We believe everything is related to holiness in wholeness, from social structure to spiritual structure. Adab is started on when we use our bathroom, cleaning our body and place, ethic in covering body, ethic in serving and performing food, eating, and respect for each other, ethic with the animals, plants and soil, and of course other unseen and invisible creatures that are living with us together.

The adab framework are:

• Mutual respect and bigger brother/sisterhoodness with human, plants, animals, soil and microbes, minerals, water, sun and moon, stars, jinns, angels, ancestor's holy spirits, the auliya, and so on.

• Spiritual exercise as personal or in community to approach the haqiqat of the reality as we believe we are spiritual beings in place in earth and body.

• Praying. A prayer can be performed with words, but the ultimate prayer is through works and behaviours.

• As a theocentric life. Being adab means we are facing Allah Almighty always, as ihsan stated, that He always looks for us and we have to be Allah oriented living beings as taught by animals, plants, microbes, etc. Then we can be an insan kamil, a pure human.


    Bumi Langit is founded by Iskandar Waworuntu. Iskandar embraced Islam in 2000 and moved to Jogjakarta to start Bumi Langit in Imogiri by the end of 2006. In 2011, the waqf foundation started to be operational and initiated its structure involving the community and became the Extended Family of Bumi Langit.



    The Extended Family was established in 2013, two years after its initiation, involving families that became the founders of Bumi Langit and acknowledged as the Extended Family or Keluarga Besar Bumi Langit.


    The Council is a time and space where all members of the Extended Family gather to discuss, share and give direction to Bumi Langit on Long Term Programme (LTDP = Long Term Direction Programme) as well as any general policy of Bumi Langit. The Council organizes on yearly basis.



    To run the programme and activities and implement the directives and Bumi Langit policies, executives are appointed. They are:
    1. Bumi Langit Institute to implement educational domain through training, courses, workshops, etc.
    2. Warung Bumi to display Bumi Langit products.
    3. Bumi Langit Farm to organize the farm's programme.
    4. Bumi Langit Coop to organize the social prosperity among the extended family and community as well as to develop entrepreneurship among them.


    The Bumi Langit Community is called as Sahabat Bumi Langit (Friends of Bumi Langit), they come from various and diverse backgrounds including locals (local inhabitants, local schools, local farmers collaborating with Bumi Langit programmes, local traders joining Bumi Langit open and fair market), suppliers, consultants, ex-trainees, visitors, organizations in partnership, networks, etc.