Bumi Langit is a place where one can see and learn about the importance of the relationship between humans and their environment. We encourage and facilitate the process whereby people regain awareness of their role and responsibility in managing the environment in order to maintain balance. Bumi Langit is a place where we can learn and apply the wisdom and skills which have been inherited from the noble traditions of our ancient daily life. It is a place where modern technology is part of the solution, not the beginning of problems. A place where good ethical values become the basic foundation of human’s attitude towards their environment, and other humans. A place where the approach to life is cooperation, not competition. A place that brings back mutually beneficial relations between humans and nature as the basic motivation for every plan and action in our life.


    Bumi Langit is located in a hilly area in Imogiri old town, precisely at Jalan Mangunan KM. 3, Giriloyo village, Wukirsari, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta. This hilly area is the beginning of the Gunung Kidul hills line, an area known for its long dry season. Located on 350 m above sea level, Bumi Langit has an amazing open view of nature. Fromhere we can see Yogyakarta’s low land, mountains, hills, and the south sea. Bumi Langit is also surrounded by the ‘Gajah Mada University forest, villagers’ land and forest which is very productive during rainy season but unproductive during dry season.Today we have approximately 3 hectares of tegal land which we manage with an integrated system.

    Entering Bumi Langit you will be welcomed by an open Joglo pavilion. The Joglo is used as an Information Center and also the location of Warung Bumi (Earth Shop); an eatery and shop which uses and sells all of its agriculture produce, livestock, and the produce from the garden. Warung Bumi is the public area where everybody can visit and get information and shop. You can also register for a site tour and book a tour scheduled to walk around and see the facilities and activities at Bumi Langit.


    Permaculture is a science concerned with creative ways of life which help to keep balance and beauty, where the relationship between Humans and Nature as well as between Humans is preserved and enhanced with following principles:

    • Good and wise planning
    • Careful use of natural resources
    • Ethical approach for every aspect of life

    In permaculture:

    • We are invited to fulfil human needs, and at the same time fulfil the needs of other living organisms.
    • Waste is changed into a new source for other life.
    • We change the human life system from a consumptive model into a creative model.
    • We rediscover the right way to create relationships (silaturahmi) between humans and nature, and humans and other humans.
    • A human’s life is returned back to fitrah and we live according to sunahtuloh (God’s provision).

    Permaculture is a behavioural concept in actualizing God’s blessing for all the universe (rahmatil alamin).


    One goal of Bumi Langit is to create balance between body and life spirit. In our daily life, this is very closely related to our ability to use renewable energy resources in a creative way from nature around us.

    Bumi Langit consciously does not use PLN/Perusahaan Listrik Negara (State’s Electricity Company) as its electricity resource in the hope that each of us can learn and design our own life by using electricity from renewable resources in a sustainable manner. At the present time, we are using a hybrid system combining solar panel and diesel power, in the future we hope to be fully independent and free from fossil fuels.

    The energy (gas) for all cooking at Bumi Langit comes from solid human and animal waste which is processed into Bio Gas in a 9 cubic meter digester. From this digester, we get solid waste sludge which is used to feed the worms, while we use the liquid waste to help process the domestic water waste.

    Water waste processing by bacteria and microbes is one system that we apply in Bumi Langit. All liquid waste from the kitchen, toilet, etc. are processed into a water source which benefits our ponds and gardens.