• Warung Bumi is the show case of all of our activities.




    Other than being a public space where people can taste the variety of food produced from Bumi Langit gardens and other gardens around, visitors can also find the Information Center which provides information related to Bumi Langit’s programs such as cooking and a food processing course at Warung Bumi. Warung Bumi will also hold an Organic Market every Sunday morning where visitors can get farmer’s products, local food and crafts. In addition, we will also hold regular documentary film screenings followed by thematic discussions. You will find a variety of fresh vegetables, fish and chicken from our garden as well as unpolished organic rice, all processed with traditional wisdom from all over the world.

    Warung Bumi is the culmination of the journey of each product that we’ve grown, maintained, and processed in Bumi Langit.

    This is what gives Warung Bumi an important and sacred role in ensuring that what we all consume not only tastes good and is healthy, but also enriches our spirit.

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    Some of our best products

    • Various bread and cakes with local flour
    • Kefir Probiotic which is processed into a variety of fresh drinks and juices
    • Dairy products from cows and goats
    (Kefir, Yogurt, Butter, and Cheese)
    • Assorted jams from local fruit combinations
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    Post-harvest food processing is a very important activity in Bumi Langit. This is not only because of our efforts to maintain food quality in order to stay good and healthy, but also because through this creative food processing we can get economic benefits which are then used for operational expenses in Bumi Langit. One of the goals of Bumi Langit is to prove that through a creative and holistic farming life, we can get adequate rewards and economic results. Examples of our main products related with preservation;

    • Fermentation milk (Cheese, Kefir, Yogurt)
    • Assorted fruit jams, according to the fruit season
    • Bread and biscuits from local carbohydrates flour starch such as sweet potatoes, taro, canna, bread fruit, etc

  • Warung Bumi is open everyday from 9am to 4pm and is closed on Mondays

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